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Making your picture perfect
for over 20 years


There isn't much that we haven't added, removed, changed, adjusted in an image. Just ask and there’s sure to be a wild story behind it.

We’ve worked on photo retouching services for both print and online images for over 20 years. Our photo retouching agency capabilities consist of high-end retouching, creative retouching, color retouching, swatch matching to ensure accurate color for your lifestyle and studio images.

Photo editing services is the bulk of our business, there is no project too big or too small, one time or long term projects.

We carry out all kinds of photo retouching including:

  • Image manipulation
  • Creative retouching
  • Background removal or changes
  • Color retouching

  • Skin tones and beautification
  • Image matching
  • Swatch matching
  • Background removal or changing
  • Mask cutting

Something you need that’s not covered here? Just ask and we can probably do it for you.

We love a new challenge.


Photo retouching company – photo retouching involves using advanced pc imaging software to change the appearance of a photo or other digital image.

At The Dot Box, we are taking photo retouching services to a whole new different level because we have been able to have a broad experience doing photo editing services for large and small clients for so many years.

Due to this, we have been able to understand various client’s needs and so we inject such needs in all our retouching services. We know what clients want and so we give it to them the way they want it.

Our professional photo retouching services meets client’s requirements and also exceeds their expectations. We put a lot of creativity and passion in our work.

Our retouching services are suitable for portraits, weddings, landscapes, ecommerce photography, online ads etc. We do it all and also offer custom photography services.

We are also a freelance retoucher, where you will be able to hire our services to work on your projects either remotely or in the location of your choice. We allow customers to make their own choices and decisions based on their preferences.

The Dot Box retouching services Florida are very flexible, affordable and custom made to suit all client’s needs and preferences. We offer such versatility so that we will be able to satisfy different client’s needs.

We do photo retouching services in these areas:

  • Portraits retouching services
  • Wedding photo retouching services
  • Jewelry retouching services
  • Old photo retouching services
  • Product retouching services
  • Photo retouching services for makeup creation and body reshaping
  • Freelance retoucher

Our clients rely on us as their photo retouching agency to carry out all their projects – be it small or large – because they have been able to see examples of our work which has delighted their imagination. So you should entrust all your photo editing work to us.

We use the latest photo retouching software’s for our work, couple this together with our passion and expertise, no wonder we are the favorite choice for most clients.

With our in-house creative team, we provide you with photo retouching services that will remain one of your favorite for a long time to come.

We have one of the widest customer reviews among retouching services and we pride ourselves for that because we put in a lot of work into making our clients happy.



The Dot Box understood exactly what I wanted on the first go around. The job was completed far better than I ever expected. When it comes to photo editing, you cannot do any better.

Bob Smith, Fluid Film

They provided exceptional work in a short time frame and were very responsive.

Elizabeth Frisch

They provided exceptional work in a short time frame and were very responsive.

Elizabeth Frisch

The Dot Box are extremely responsive and helpful. Their work was exactly what I was looking for.

Malcolm M, Apple Homes

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